Fundamentals of IAS-Research Seminars 2018. Seminar 4. Embodied and enactive approaches to agency and cognition

24/04/2018 @ 15:00 – 17:00
Centro Carlos Santamaría, B14
Fundamentals of IAS-Research Seminars 2018
6 bi-weekly seminars exploring the basic research lines of IAS-Research

Seminar 4 run by: Ezequiel Di Paolo

Keywords: functionalism, embodied turn, dynamical systems, enaction, phenomenology, sensorimotor approaches to perception, agency, nonrepresentationalism, embodiment, sense-making, individuation, normativity, F. Varela, H. Jonas, M. Merleau-Ponty, H. Dreyfus, J. Dewey, J. Piaget, G. Simondon, E. Thompson, R. Beer.


Di Paolo, E. (2005). Autopoiesis, adaptivity, teleology, agencyPhenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 4(4), 429–452.

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