IAS-Research Talk by Manuel Heras-Escribano (University of Granada) “Social normativity, fields of promoted action, and affordances: An integrative view”


In this talk, I will show how social normativity, the field of promoted action, and canonical affordances are related. The field of promoted action is a concept proposed by Reed (1996), which is based on the idea that there are affordances emphasized by other people (Reed 1996: 130). Although proposed for the field of developmental psychology and experimentation, I think it is a rich concept to be applied to other fields (like philosophy of mind) to make sense of our everyday experience. But how could we articulate this idea? I propose that my ideas on social normativity (Heras-Escribano 2019) could serve as a framework for showing how the field of promoted action is constituted and present in everyone’s cognitive life. Also, I think the combination of the ideas of social normativity and the field of promoted action can help articulating the origins and nature of canonical affordances from a social perspective.

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Marta Pérez Verdugo

About Marta Pérez Verdugo

I am a PhD student interested in researching cognition as a natural and situated phenomenon, focusing on the technological environment in which we as organisms are inmersed. From the beginning of my academic formation I have been interested in how we relate to our surroundings and to other organisms and how we evolved to do so, and an interdisciplinary formation (on psychology, neuroscience and philosophy) has allowed me to dwell on these and other topics. This has lead me to undertake my PhD under the supervision of Xabier Barandiaran, with the aim to research on the new cognitive ecologies that digital technologies constitute and how they shape us as autonomous agents. Other of my interests, which I hope I will be able to explore in the future, include architecture and urbanism, and film and media.