New site

After a long time of hard work we can proudly present our new website. With lots of features like:

  • Event integration on Google Calendar
  • IAS-Research member blogs’ feed
  • Automatic integration of publications via Zotero (using the Zotpress plugin)
  • An intranet
  • User profiles
  • Featured content
  • An much more…

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Xabier Barandiaran

About Xabier Barandiaran

I consider myself a situated and embodied philosopher, which means that I situate my philosophical practice in close interaction with scientific environments and embodied in the conceptual apparatus that emerges from this interplay. The sciences on which I feel embedded are those meeting in the multidisciplinary crossroad of cognitive sciences and artificial life: particularly the origins of agency, simulation of adaptive behaviour (evolutionary robotics and computational neuroethology), and large scale neuroscience.

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