The IAS Research Centre for Life, Mind and Society is part of the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science and other departments at the University of the Basque Country/ Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea.

We are a small group of philosophers and scientists interested in the study of biological and complex artificial systems.

Our main research interests are:

  • philosophy of biology
  • complex systems and self-organization
  • origins of autonomous systems
  • origins of life
  • agency
  • biological aspects of cognition
  • embodied and enactive cognition
  • intersubjectivity
  • psychopathologies
  • language and cognition
  • development and evolution
  • biological function
  • philosophy of artificial life
  • philosophy of science
  • naturalized epistemology
  • bioethics

The main goals of our current research work are:

  • To examine several conceptual issues of philosophy of biology from a systemic approach, paying special attention to the problem of biological function, to the notion of constraint in Evolutionary Biology, to the relation between artificiality and possibility, and to concepts such as emergence, hierarchies or downwards causation.
  • To characterize, conceptually and through the construction of simulations and models, the minimal living organization and its relationship with the environment, and according to that, the notion of autonomous agent and the organizational principles of minimal cognition.
  • To develop a Bioethics based on Systems Biology, with the aim of reinterpreting notions like health and disease, ethical issues in genomics or biobanks from a a holistic approach.

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