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  1. (English) IAS-Research Seminar by Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo (EHU/UPV) and Nino Lauber (EHU/UPV): «On the transition from self-organization to minimal metabolism» Leave a reply
  2. (English) IAS-Research Talk by Tim Klaassen (Tilburg University): «Enactivism and the Foundations of Ethics: Some Suggestions on How to Bring the Two Together» Leave a reply
  3. (English) IAS-Research Talk by Silvia de Cesare (Université de Genève): «The idea of organic «progress» and evolutionary theory: an epistemological perspective» Leave a reply
  4. (English) IAS-Research Talk by Marc Artiga (Universitat de València): “Do Bacteria Really Talk to Each Other?” Leave a reply
  5. (English) IAS-Research Seminar by Enara García and Iñigo Arandia-Romero (UPV/EHU): “La patología en la filosofía de la individuación de Gilbert Simondon” Leave a reply
  6. (English) IAS-Research Seminar by Manuel Heras-Escribano and Miguel Aguilera (UPV/EHU): «Autopoiesis in the Game of Life» Leave a reply
  7. (English) IAS-Research Seminar by Iñigo Arandia-Romero (UPV/EHU): «Enactive and Simondonian reflections on placebo phenomena» Leave a reply
  8. (English) IAS-Research Seminar by Arantza Etxeberria (UPV/EHU): «Revisiting the “organism/environment interaction” category» Leave a reply
  9. (English) Reading Group on Simondon Leave a reply