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Research Workshop Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Sciences

Call for participation (now open)

The Research Workshop on Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science (PBCS) is an annual encounter of young scholars that aims at bringing together researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds: philosophers, cognitive scientists, and biologists working on issues of common interest. In this workshop, young researchers can present their ideas and participate in the discussions, as well as attend the conferences of keynote speakers. Its main purposes are to serve as a tool for enhancing research through discussion and to promote the interdisciplinary of the ideas presented. In its ninth edition, the organizers would like to keep encouraging young researchers to participate in this fresh and distinctive forum.

The call is addressed to graduate, master, and PhD students, as well as doctors who finished their dissertations within the last three years, and who are working on the areas of Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science.

Location: Carlos Santamaria Center Room 4, San Sebastian

Date: 9-10 May

For further information, please contact pbcs9workshop@gmail.com or visit our website

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