Michael Beaton

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Personal info

Position Postdoctoral Researcher, Funded by EU FP7 eSMCs project
Email michaeljamesstuart.beaton@ehu.es /mjsbeaton@gmail.com
Website www.sussex.ac.uk/Users/mjsb20
Phone External: 00 (34) 943 018 887, Internal: 8887
Address EHU/UPV, Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, Avenida de Tolosa 70, 20018 Donostia – San Sebastián


Research interests

  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Perception
  • Philosophy of Consciousness
  • Direct Realism
  • Conceptualism


  • 2009: D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in Philosophy of Cognitive Science, University of Sussex.
  • 1989: M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh.
  • 1988: B.A. (Hons, 2:1) in Physics, Magdalen College, University of Oxford.


  • Member of Editorial Board: International Journal of Machine Consciousness.
  • Journal Referee: Adaptive Behavior; Erkenntnis; Journal of Consciousness Studies; Philosophical Papers; Philosophical Psychology; Philosophia.
  • Co-editor, with Susan A. J. Stuart and Bryony Pierce, of special issue of Constructivist Foundations (2013, 8(3)) on Neurophenomenology; with contributions from leading authors in the field, including Michael Bitbol, Claire Petitmengin and Natalie Depraz.
  • Co-chair, CEP 2012 Annual Conference, Neurophenomenology, University of Bristol, 15th-16th September, 2012.
  • Programme Committee member, Machine Consciousness 2011: Self, Integration and Explanation, a symposium to be held in conjunction with AISB 2011, University of York, UK, 4th-7th April, 2011.
  • Organising Committee member, CEP Annual Conference, Nature and Human Nature, St. Anne’s College, Oxford, 10th-12th September 2010.
  • Joint organiser, Workshop on Unconscious Processes, University of Sussex, 11th May 2010.
  • Submissions Chair, CEP 10 Conference, Exploring the Boundaries of Experience and Self, St. Anne’s College, Oxford, 15th-17th September 2006.
  • Co-organiser with Prof. Les Lancaster of the Transpersonal Section of the BPS, Joint CEP-Transpersonal Symposium, Theory of Mind: Cross-Cultural and Transpersonal Perspectives, 30th March 2005, University of Manchester (as part of BPS Quinquennial Conference).
  • Organising Committee member, Workshop on Active Perception, University of Sussex, 9th-10th March, 2004.
  • Assistant to Conference Organiser (Prof. Steve Torrance), CEP 7 Conference, Enactive Consciousness: Perception, Intersubjectivity and Empathy, St. Anne’s College, Oxford, 27th-29th June 2003.


  • Beaton, M. (2013) Phenomenology and Embodied Action. Constructivist Foundations 8(3): 298-313
  • Beaton, M., Pierce, B. and Stuart, S. (2013) Neurophenomenology – A Special Issue. Constructivist Foundations 8(3): 265-268
  • Beaton, M. and Aleksander, I. (2012). World-Related Integrated Information: Enactivist and Phenomenal Perspectives. International Journal of Machine Consciousness, 4(2): 439-455.
  • Beaton, M. (2009). An Analysis of Qualitative Feel as the Introspectible Subjective Aspect of a Space of Reasons., University of Sussex D.Phil. (Ph.D.) thesis.
  • Beaton, M. (2009). Qualia and Introspection. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 16(5): 88-110.
  • Beaton, M. (2006). A Recipe for Success? – Response to de Quincey. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 13(4): 13-15.
  • Beaton, M. (2006). Review of Tamar Szabó Gendler and John Hawthorne (eds.), ‘Perceptual Experience’. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 13(4): 120-124.
  • Beaton, M. (2005). What RoboDennett Still Doesn’t Know. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 12(12): 3-25.