Second Retecog Workshop 2013: Interaction

17/01/2013 – 19/01/2013 all-day
Paraninfo Universidad de Zaragoza
Plaza Basilio Paraíso
4, Universidad de Zaragoza, UZ - Plaza de Basilio Paraíso, 50004 Zaragoza
Second Retecog Workshop 2013: Interaction @ Paraninfo Universidad de Zaragoza | Zaragoza | Aragon | Spain

We are glad to announce the Second official Retecog Workshop on Interaction will take place 17-18 of January 2013 at the Paraninfo Building of the University of Zaragoza, Spain. Many members of IAS-Research will attend the workshop as participants, organizers or invited speakers.

The 2nd Retecog Workshop will be articulated through two main symposia, Symposium I on The sensorimotor dynamics of agent-environment interaction and Symposium II on Social and emotional interaction, while the question of how to relate agent-environment and social interaction will also be addressed.

Invited Speakers

Both symposia will share invited plenary talks by: Ezequiel Di Paolo (integrating sensorimotor and social interaction), Randall Beer and William Warren as invited speakers of the Agent-Environment Interaction Symposium and Lola Cañamero and Hanne de Jaegher as invited speakers of the Social Interaction Symposium.

Other Events

In addition two major events will also take place, focused on interaction-based Turing Test constest and experiments: the Human-like Bots Competition and the Multiplayer Perceptual Crossing Test .

Submission of contributions

Please follow the instructions found on the official site for contributions to the Workshop.

  • November 19, 2012: Submission of abstracts deadline
  • November 29, 2012: Announcement of editors decision
  • December 7, 2012: Revised abstracts due. Announcement of workshop program

More information

More information can be found at the Workshop’s official main site:

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