IAS-Research Seminar by Miguel Aguilera and Manuel Heras (UPV/EHU): “Autopoiesis in the Game of Life”

03/12/2019 @ 11:30 – 13:30
Centro Santamaria B14

ABSTRACT: In this talk we will review a series of papers by Randall Beer. In these work he uses the Game of Life to exemplify different aspects and concepts autopoiesis and enactivism, using the model as a laboratory in which theoretical concepts can be developed to the point where they can be used to actually calculate things (autopoietic networks and operational closure, destructive/non-destructive perturbations, structural coupling…). Reviewing the work in this minimal world we will discuss 1) how different aspects of autopoiesis and autonomy can or cannot be displayed by minimal agents in a cellular automata, 2) how this type of study may be useful for concretizing ongoing debates on the foundations of enaction.