Hiro Iizuka: “Emergence of Turn-taking Behaviour on Agency Detection Simulation and Behavioural Turing Test Experiment.”

04/09/2012 a las 14:30 – 16:30
Room B1, Carlos Santamaría
Universidad de Gipuzkoa
Plaza de Elhuyar, 20018 San Sebastián

Dr. Hiro Iizuka will be giving a talk on «Emergence of Turn-taking Behaviour on Agency Detection Simulation and Behavioural Turing Test Experiment.»

Date and place: 4th September 2012, at 14.30, Room B1, Carlos Santamaría Building.

Abstract: In this talk, I will talk about a simulation study for agency detection and human experiments for behavioural turing test. These are recent results of series of my work using perceptual crossing paradigm where the interaction of agents or humans is restricted into simple sensor and motor. In the agency detection it is investigated how the embodied agents can establish a live interaction and discriminate this from interactions from recorded motions that are identical to the live interaction but cannot react contingently. In the behavioural turing test, it is investigated how the human can discriminate with the non-human moving objects. Both studies support that the turn-taking behaviour plays an important role to achieve the tasks and we will see how the simple embodied interaction can evolve to communicative interaction.

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